Who is the target audience?

Retail classes are targeting those who work in or study retail and are interested in getting a basic understanding of Merchandise Planning concepts.

Do classes apply to only e-Commerce sites?
No, it applies to both online and brick and mortar stores. Classes focus mainly on physical products but can also be applied to services or digital products.

Is this a class or a course?
It's a class not a course that gives basic understanding of Merchandise Planning concepts.

What is the difference between a class and a course?
A class can be consumed as a standalone unit. There are no pre-requisites for taking these classes other than having an interest in the subject and wanting a simple explanation. Courses contain several classes.

How long are the classes?
We aim to keep classes somewhere between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. we've found from personal experience anything over 45 minutes becomes a chore to watch.

Why Focus On Merchandise Planning?
It is what we know.

What is Merchandise Planner?
A Merchandise Planner is someone who usually works with buyers to ensure sales figures, stock levels and margin (profit) levels are all in line with budgeted figures.

Why use the name SloppySuccess?
SloppySuccess refers to having no knowledge or experience when starting out. Success comes eventually, however its not a smooth ride getting there.

What is the logic behind SloppySuccess?
The logic behind the brand is you do not have to wait to get perfection before taking action to become successful, as taking imperfect action will help you get where you want to get to in life and business.

Tell me more about SloppySuccess
SloppySuccess is a brand name being built that encompass classes as well as a few other things we'll be doing down the line.

Are these classes available anywhere else online?
Some of the classes are also available on Skillshare and along with other classes on the platform.

Can I sell my classes on this site?
If you would like to sell your class on this site, contact us for more information at sloppysuccess@gmail.com


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