The Daily Writing Challenge

The Challenge

A while ago, I set myself a challenge of writing 500 words a day for 30 days. As I progressed through the challenge, I felt I could carry on writing for longer and decided to extend the challenge for another 30 days.

I refer to all the writing I did during the challenge as ramblings, because in some of them I rambled on about nothing.

By the time I wrote the post underneath, I had a few days left to go and started to run out of ideas on what to write.

Start The Rambling

Almost there with the challenge to write 500 words a day.

After this one, there would be 3 more left to write.

I find writing first thing in the morning works better than writing in the evenings for me, as I am able to write quicker. If I write in the evenings, I tend to get distracted with thoughts of tasks to do the following day.

Also, me counting down the days ‘till I reach my goal means it’s time to end the daily ritual.

Having said that, if I continue for another month, that would make it 3 months and it would become a habit.

So what I am going to do is carry on writing as I seem to have a lot to say and this must be what it's like keeping a journal of sorts. I just won't be strict about having to write everyday.

An Idea On What To Write About

I spent the Easter weekend writing a guest post using one of my ramblings.

Even though I had a pre-prepared post I could use, I ended up writing a new post of a little over 1,000 words. I attempted to edit it and found I was too tired. I did as much as I could, and will go back to it later in the week and send it off for editing. After which, I would submit it and cross my fingers it gets accepted.

Changed What I Was Writing About

The other work-related thing I did was watch the first module of a course on how to run Facebook ads. The great news is my decision to not run anymore Facebook ads ‘till I can get the most bang for my buck.

The ads I run have to be:

  • Strategic-based, not vanity-based
  • Measureable
  • Provide real results

So watching the first module of a Facebook ad course and writing the first draft of a guest post, are two things I did over the Easter weekend. What else did I do this weekend? I made a decision not to subscribe to an Outreach tool.

I will use Google and as many free services as I can until I get my process working; at which point I would begin using a paid service knowing what my results would be.

I know how I learn, and for me I tend to prefer taking time to figuring things out. Once I understand how something works, there is no stopping me and I start to run very fast, doing marathon distances in short periods of time.

From watching the Facebook ad module, I am glad the direction I want to go in has been verified. Write a post (read magnet) and create lead magnet. Use both to get email addresses.

Another 500ish words done for today. Hurray!


From doing the challenge, I sometimes found it difficult starting. One way I overcame this was to just write whatever was in my head. This is why the rambling above went off in different directions.

By setting this challenge for myself,  my writing confidence grew. I also created a bank of posts that with some editing could be published on any of my websites.

I also find that I am able to split one rambling into 2 or even 3 different blog posts. This is possible because there are multiple topics sometimes mentioned that warrant a separate post.

So, my ‘500 Word A Day Writing Challenge’ really has been a gift that has kept on giving.

Feel free to conduct your own writing challenge. You will not be disappointed.

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