The Only Way To Achieve What You Want

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

No matter what you want to do, are doing or plan to do; if you want to achieve something, in other words be successful at something, there are 2 things you would need to do.

These 2 things apply in all situations and really go hand in hand. Even though you could do one without the other, to truly achieve what you want, they need to be done together.

Curious to know what I am referring to?

Well, read on.

Achieve What You Want With Persistence

The statistics of businesses that don’t make it is staggering.

This leads to the question… ‘why do businesses not make it?’

Things like poor management, lack of cash flow, poor leadership, poor decision making and not being in touch with what customers want are a few reasons why businesses fail.

A business failing can also happen at any stage of its life cycle, although majority of failures tend to happen in the early stages of the life cycle.

You have to bear in mind that a lot of people who start businesses do so with certain expectations that if not met, leads them to reconsider their business owning adventure.

Here, things like inexperience, not seeing quick results, not wanting to deal with the realities of owning a business are some of the reasons why businesses fail in the early stage.

So, why do businesses just starting out not progress past the start-up phase?

It could be due to a lack of persistence.

There are many setbacks that happen in business from running out of money to finding out your initial ideas was a bad one. For some, this reason is enough to give up the idea of owning a business.

For others, they chalk it up to experience and carry on either by finding a financing source or pivoting by changing the business idea.

This attitude isn’t because they think there is something special about them, it is more because they pick themselves up when they fall and carry on.

This is something we are taught as we grow up and somehow manage to forget as we get older.

Achieve What You Want With Consistency

This is the second thing that will help you achieve what you want. Being consistent with your actions by diligently working towards your goal is essential.

People say things like, ‘oh, you are so lucky.’ The truth is, luck has nothing to do with anything. By being consistent with actions, an environment is created where you can quickly capitalise on opportunities that present themselves.

After all, luck is simply ‘when preparation meets opportunity.’


When you strip everything back, there are only 2 things we all need to achieve what we want and that is by being persistent and consistent in your actions.

Yes, there will be setbacks. Some will be minor and some will be major. The only thing we can do is to keep going.

Here is the other thing about being persistent and consistent. It doesn’t just apply to business, it can be applied to all areas of our lives.

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