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Content And Traffic

Trying to get traffic to a site starts with content. That content is then used to build links from other sites, which if done correctly could be a continuous source of traffic.

As content is what gets the ball rolling when it comes to link building, it makes sense to find topics of interest that other sites would want to link to, and your audience would want to share with others.

Therefore, a starting point would be to find a topic and write a post about it.

Finding Topics Of Interest

When looking for a topic of interest, you could either look for a topic that is of interest to your readers or you could look for topics that are of interest to influencers in your niche.

The ideal would be to find a topic that is of interest to both, your readers and influencers. This way, what is written has the potential to bring lots of traffic to your site.

Content Topics For Readers

The easiest way to look for topics that appeal to your readers is by asking questions, finding out what they would like to know about and coming up with information that fulfils their requirements.

Social platforms would be a good place to look for potential topics readers would be interested in, specifically forum type platforms where people ask and answer questions. Examples of these types of platforms are Quora and Reddit.

Content Topics For Influencers

To find topics influencers are interested in, a little bit of investigating is needed. A starting point could be going through popular social accounts of leaders in your niche, looking to see which posts have received the most engagement and writing something on that topic.

Once a topic has been identified that influencers are interested in, make a note of how to contact these influencers, either via direct email - be careful not to spam them, contact pages on websites or social media.

This information would be needed once the post has been written.

Refining The Content Topic

Once a topic has been decided, you can either write the post immediately or do a little more investigating to see what specifically people are searching for whenever they conduct a search.

Using Google or any search engine, such as Yahoo, Bing or Pinterest, type in the topic you have selected and before pressing enter you’ll see a list of phrases other people have searched for.

Using these phrases, you can start to form the structure of your post; doing this gives the key points to be mentioned in the post to be written.

Creating The Post

Now you know what topics are of interest to readers and influencers and you have determined key points to mention in the post, it is time to start writing.

With all the research conducted, this part should be relatively easy. At this point, all that needs to be said should be in your research notes and collating the information in an orderly manner is what needs doing.

Even though I have said this should be relatively easy, it doesn’t mean it would be quick. I have found this part of writing a post to be quite time consuming as I try and decipher what to use for the post currently being written, what to discard and what to use for a follow up post.

It is best to be prepared to have multiple drafts and revisions when going through this process. Oh, and keep your information sources in case you need to go back.

Promoting The Post

Once the post has been written and published, it is time to promote the post.

If you have written the post for your readers, then promoting it using your mailing list, social platforms and forums like Quora and Reddit, will be a sufficient place to start. As the content is a topic they are interested in, the chances it gets shared with their social platform followers is increased.

If the post was written for influencers, then in addition to using your mailing list and social platforms, go back to the list of influencers created when researching topics to write about. Send direct messages to them informing them of your post, remember to attach a link to the post, in the hope they add a link to your post on their site.


When it comes to selecting a topic to write about, there are different methods that can be used. The ones mentioned in this post won’t guarantee getting more traffic to your site immediately. It is a starting point, which with some refining could work well for any niche.

If neither of these methods appeal to you, then by all means write about topics of interest to you. As reading a post written out of passion and belief can also lead to it being shared, getting you backlinks and driving traffic to your site.

Links on this post may be affiliate links, which will provide me with a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. Images were created using Visme.

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