Ways To Use Pinterest Notifications

Sticking With What Works

When it comes to getting the most of any platform used, we all look for ways that work best for us and once we find a method that works, we tend to stick with it.

One such method I have found that works for me is looking at the notifications on my Pinterest accounts.

The information you get by looking at the notifications complement the analytics available when you log into your account from a computer.

Pinterest Notification: What Is It?

Notifications on Pinterest is a way to get information on what’s happening. There are 3 different ways you can use to get these notifications:

On Pinterest

You can opt to get notifications on the platform, which means you’ll only see them when you log into your account either from a computer or on the app.

You can see things like what people you are following are pinning, new boards they create and who they have started following.


You can select the type of emails you receive. The options are:

All emails

Only important emails

As few emails as possible

You can also opt not to receive any Pinterest emails. Opting not to receive any emails would still mean you receive emails relating to privacy and your account.

Push Notifications

Push notifications show up on your computer or phone. You can select what you do and don’t want to receive in the same way you can select which emails you want and don’t want to receive.

Practical Uses Of Pinterest Notifications

There are those who hardly ever go into notifications and those who use it regularly.

Here are a few ways in which you can use your notifications to provide better pins to your account viewers.

Finding People To Follow

You can click on accounts that have pinned pins from your account and follow ones that align to your account or ones that you find interesting.

What People Are Pinning

You can find pins to pin to your board by looking at boards from accounts that have pinned your pins or by looking at pins your followers have found and pinned to their boards.

Checking Which Pins From Your Site Are Being Repinned

You can use notifications to see which of your pins are being repinned. The only information you’ll get via notifications is which board it’s been pinned to.

Noticing any of your pins from your site are being repinned by others is like being told, ‘well done, you are doing a good job.’

Identifying Popular Boards

Notifications gives a daily tally of how pins have been saved from a board, letting you know which of your boards are popular.

New Followers

Notifications tell you who has followed your account or boards.

Getting Pin Design Ideas

By seeing what other people are pinning, you can see what works and what doesn’t. For instance, if you follow interior design boards, you’ll notice pins show only images with no writing on the images. This appears to be the type of pins that work for these type of boards.

Whereas, if you have a board about business or blogging, images with words are pinned more.

In other words, seeing what is being pinned is a great way to get pin design ideas for your own pins.


There are those who do not look at their Pinterest notifications. There are also those that only go into notifications as a way to remove the notifications count figure. Then there are those who look at their notifications daily or even multiple times a day.

As there are no analytics when you look at Pinterest when using the app, using notifications is a quick way to analyse your accounts activity.

If you check your notifications regularly, you’ll start to notice patterns. These patterns will help you identify which boards are most popular and what type of pins your audience responds to. It is also a way you can spy on your followers.

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