Pinterest’s Barrier To Entry

Which Pinterest Camp Do You Belong To?

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest!

Some love it, some tolerate it and some loathe it.

Whatever camp you sit in, Pinterest is an intriguing platform.

Full of eye-catching images and ideas, it is the type of place you can lose yourself, as one image takes you to another then another and another.

With the ability to save these images for later use, it is not uncommon to have photographers, designers and artists search and save ideas on boards for future reference. It is also not uncommon for people to first go to Pinterest when researching specific topics.

These people obviously know something others don’t about being part of the Pinterest community.

Is Pinterest A Social Media Platform?

There is a misconception that Pinterest is a social media platform. This may be because it is possible to like and share images with both followers and specific people you are connected to.

Once you start using the platform, you start to realise, it is most definitely not a social media platform.

The primary reason people go onto Pinterest is to search and save visual ideas.

These visual ideas are saved on boards, which are like filing cabinets, with each board used for a different idea or topic.

The ability to search for ideas to pin to boards for use at a later date, makes the platform more of a search engine rather than a social media platform. This is why Pinterest is referred to as a visual search engine.

Is The Barrier To Entry Real?

Signing up to Pinterest is an easy enough process, as is switching from a personal account to a business account.

What really stops people from fully utilising the platform are all the things you need to consistently do to make it worthwhile, especially if you are a business.

Here are some things that make the platform daunting.

Daily Pin Rate

There is much debate over how many pins should be pinned a day on each account. Somewhere between 15 and 50 seems to be acceptable figures. Although trying to come up with that many pins a day can be overwhelming.

Fresh Content

Pinterest does like it when fresh content is pinned to boards. Pinning the same image that leads back to the same web page is not recommended. Plus, your board would not look visually appealing if you only have the same image showing.

Creating Pins

Having pins lead to the same URL is acceptable if the image is changed regularly. Regularly creating pins can be a time consuming task even for those who are able to create images quickly.

Not Knowing What To Focus On

Knowing which of the metrics to focus on can be confusing.

Is it best to focus on monthly views, average daily views, saves, clicks or repins? Should you look at stats about your Pinterest profile, people you reach or activity on your site?

Ultimately, activity on your site is where you would like to see the results of all your efforts.

Tool To Use

Believe it or not, finding a tool to use to pin on Pinterest is another barrier when wanting to use Pinterest.

Most scheduling apps do not include pinning on Pinterest as part of their standard plans, which means having to pay for another scheduling tool or upgrade the one you currently have.

Thankfully, there are free ways you can use to repin other people’s post to Pinterest and to schedule your pins.


Pinterest does take a lot of work, especially in the beginning when you are learning how the platform works and this is the reason for the platforms barrier to entry.

The first thing to get used to, is thinking of it not as a social media platform, but a visual search engine.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat, it is essential for the success of your account that you pin other people’s pins to your boards.

This can be done with a scheduling app or manually.

In order to gain traction on the platform, the best thing to do is to breakdown your ultimate goal into manageable chunks. Focusing on one part of the platform, like saves. This is the easiest and possibly best way to eliminate Pinterests barrier to entry.

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