Chasing Low-Hanging Fruit

Throwing Patience Out The Window

When running a business, there are lots of ups and downs. Along with these, business owners also require patience.

Patience is needed to see if a new strategy is working; patience is needed to build up revenue; patience is needed to deal with all the mundane activities that needs to be done.

There are occasions when patience is thrown out the window and quick results are wanted.

These quick results can be anything, from how quickly you get people to sign up to your mailing list to how quickly you are able to launch a new product.

Getting quick results as a business owner could also be achieved by targeting low-hanging fruit. That is to say, targeting something that gives a quick win in a short amount of time.

Select A Low-hanging Fruit To Chase    

An example of a low-hanging fruit is Pinterest’s monthly views. It is low-hanging because with a little bit of work, an account’s views can be greatly increased.

Brief Explanation: Pinterest Monthly Views

Here is how I define Pinterest monthly views.

The monthly view figure is the number of times images from your account has appeared and been interacted with from searches. In other words, it indicates the number of people, more precisely accounts you are able to reach.

Now, having a high monthly view figure does not necessarily equate to having people clicking on your pins.

Just in case you are wondering, having people save and click on a pin is the main goal of using Pinterest as a business.

Benefit Of Monthly Views

Even though getting people to click on your pins and save them on their Pinterest account is the main goal; working on increasing monthly views, even if it is a vanity metric, has some benefits.

The higher an account’s monthly views, the easier it becomes to see what those who are interacting with your account are interested in.


Pinterest is a wonderful platform, especially for those who prefer visual interpretations of ideas. Understanding the platform, on the other hand, takes some time as it works more like a search engine than a social media platform.

There are those that will tell you not to focus on increasing your monthly views as it is a metric that doesn’t really mean much. This is said because monthly views does not have a direct correlation to your site getting traffic.

Even so, I do believe monthly views is a low-hanging fruit that can help get traffic to your site. It helps by getting you to see what is and what isn’t working, replicating what is working and discarding what isn’t.

By doing this on a regular basis, you will find, traffic would start to flow through to your site.

If you are interested in growing your Pinterest vanity metric, this class shows you how.

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