Writing An Abstract Journal

Blog Posting Is Like Writing A Journal

Out of curiosity, I compiled a spreadsheet with all the things I had written about during my 500 words a day writing challenge. As each piece of writing had been given a title, the total number of pieces written came in at over 50.

Wanting to convert some of them into blog posts, I started reading a few pieces. As I read them, it felt like I was reading my very own journal. I had my daily writing challenge, which was initially supposed to be about the home, then turned into being about business-related topics, morphed again into me writing a journal.

Journal Topics Written About

Some of the pieces had titles that were very similar, which to me meant it was something I was struggling with at the time. The actual content though covered different aspects of the same topic.

My thoughts and struggles were no longer in my head. It was on the screen in front of me.

Some of the topics I wrote about were:

  • Ways to start living a simple life
  • Finally being able to make perfect pancakes
  • Wondering what type of cook I was
  • Getting social media followers
  • Spending less time on online activities and more on offline activities

These things must have been on my mind at the time.

How I Started Writing Daily

I initially signed up to Skillshare, as a free member. This was because I did not have to commit to paying for a subscription until I was certain it was a platform I was going to benefit from. With the free membership, I was only able to search for free classes to watch.

After creating my first class as part of a 30-day challenge, I was given a prize of a years membership, which gave me access to all classes.

This allowed me to watch even more classes. One class I came across and watched out of curiosity, even if I was a little sceptical, was on meditation. It’s full title is, ‘Meditation For Authors.’

Why would an author need to meditate? I wondered. Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the class.

The class was a pleasant surprise and what I remember most about the class is the teacher saying something along the lines of, ‘...when writing, if a different story comes to you, write that one as it is one that wants to be written.’

This resonated with me as I was in the middle of writing a blog post and was struggling with my mind, constantly getting distracted by new thoughts and ideas.

With the words of the teacher in mind, I embarked on a 30-day writing challenge.

Watching the class gave me the permission I did not know I was seeking to move away from writing about specific topics to more of a journal writing style. Now when writing, if I start writing about one topic and another pops into my head, I just keep writing.


When coming up with a topic to write about, I find thoughts that are top of mind the easiest to write about. This has made my writing collection, which can be seen on my blogs - I have 2, become what I call an abstract journal.

Watching the Skillshare class on ‘Meditation For Authors,’ gave me the reassurance I needed at the time to not worry about going off on a tangent when writing.

In reality, going off on a tangent has been quite productive for me as I often end up with multiple pieces of writing from one writing session. 

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