Striking Out On Your Own? Take Consistent Action

Decision Made

Deciding to leave the comforts of a full-time job with regular pay and benefits, to work for yourself where there is no guarantee of a regular pay cheque is not for the faint-hearted.

Once you decide to work for yourself, there are days you would wonder if you made the right decision. There are also days where you feel you need to have your sanity checked.

Knowing You Have Made The Right Decision

We all have our ways of knowing we have made the right decision.

For some, it could be knowing you are able to run an errand in the middle of the day for your children, go to a business seminar where you get lots of ideas to implement in your business or something as simple as having an afternoon nap.

The ultimate way you know you have made the right decision is when your business starts to produce revenue, which then leads to making a profit and then onto being able to fully sustain yourself.

Taking Consistent Action

Getting to the point where you are able to sustain yourself from the revenue brought in by your business takes a lot of work. The only way to get through the amount of work it takes is by taking consistent action and by doing something every day for your business.

The consistent action taken doesn’t need to be big, it can be small. You also don’t need to do the same thing every day if you do not want to either. All you need to do is make sure you do something for your business every day. This is the consistency that is needed.

For instance, you could like and share other people's posts on social media on Monday, giving advice to other business owners on Tuesday, answer customer questions on Wednesday, volunteer your time on Thursday and write a blog post on Friday.

Another example of what you can do is work on building your profile on one social platform. For instance, if you opt to use Instagram as your main social platform, you could like, comment, share and mention other people’s posts on the platform on a daily basis. Over time, your profile will increase as your followers start to see you as being consistently active on the platform.

Why Is Consistent Action Important

In taking consistent action, you are developing a habit. The habit formed leads to your long-term business goals being achieved.

The habit you are really forming is not just about the tasks you do every day, it is more about getting into the habit of thinking about your business.

Other than taking consistent actions, there are a couple of other things you can do when you decide to leave your full-time job.

Share Your Knowledge

If you are in a situation where someone has asked for advice or has a question you can answer, then freely give your thoughts or answer.

Doing this not only helps the person you are talking to, it also builds your confidence as it shows how much knowledge you have gained.

If you would like to consistently help others, one site you can do this on is Quora. Here you can answer questions people post. Another site you can use is Skillshare. Skillshare has groups you can join, where you can ask questions, ask for advice or start a conversation. It is also an online learning platform, with thousands of classes you can take to boost your knowledge.

Keep An Eye Out

Always be on the lookout for ways you can create a revenue stream for your business. This can be done by listening, asking and observing what your current customers are doing. If you do not have any customers, find out where your target audience congregate and interact with them there.

Don’t Follow The Money

This one is more about not following the latest trend, as trends have a way of fizzling away, which has a negative effect on your revenue. So, in taking consistent action, aim to build a business with a solid foundation that can withstand the latest money making fad.


Opting to work for yourself rather than settling for the comfort of being an employee is not for everyone. Those who opt to do it, do so in the hopes it will allow them to achieve their goals, whatever that may be.

Taking consistent action, doing one thing for your business every day, sharing knowledge, keeping an eye out for opportunities and not always following the latest fad are some of the things business owners need to do.

The other thing that helps when running a business is persistence. The ability to keep going when everything seems to not pan out. Mastering this, as well as consistency will make any business owner go beyond their biggest dream.

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