Giveaway Collaboration Information

The aim of this collaboration is to build our email lists to help grow our businesses by using each others social network to promote the collaboration

This is not a follow for follow loop

Only name and email address data is to be collected

There is no requirement to follow any of our social media platforms

You would need to have a gift/giveaway for each person that signs up to your email list that can be delivered via email. If you need help coming up with something for your audience let me know and we can brainstorm together. Money off coupons is not to be used as a giveaway

To ensure no list sharing, a signup form is to be provided by you so all email addresses gets added to your list immediately. This way you are sure the email addresses collected via your gift would be yours to keep. I use MailChimp to collect my email addresses

For someone to go onto your list, they would need to agree to subscribing to your list by confirming their email address. This means they have given permission to be contacted by you and also it confirms the email address they have given is real. Your list would need to be GDPR compliant as well. MailChimp has the option to do this.

There is currently no fee for this service, however, there is a requirement for all of your social media platforms to be used to promote any giveaway collaboration you are a part of.

So the image remains consistent, I’ll create all images and videos to use for each social media platform. If you need one for a specific platform I have not created, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to create it.

If you would like to be part of the giveaway collaboration, please send a message using the contact form

If you know of others that would be interested in being part of this giveaway collaboration, please let me know or forward their detail onto me.

You can view the list of current collaborations here

If you have any other thoughts, questions or suggestions contact us for more information via email at or by using the contact form on this site.


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